Aladdin Electric Converter (Brass)
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Aladdin Electric Converter (Brass)

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Restoring antique, gas burning lamps has become an increasingly popular hobby. Though such lamps are often used in camping or other outdoor activities, the warm, soft glow of gas burning lamps, as well as their visual appeal, has made them a favorite of home decorators, especially those individuals who seek to complete the traditional look of an older home, as well as individuals who are simply looking for an interesting conversation piece for their living and dining rooms. These homeowners and artisans often desire the reliability and ease of use that’s associated with appliances that are controlled by electricity, however, and so may be reticent to keep antiquated lamps as anything other than show pieces. Fortunately, Aladdin electric converters enable antique lamps to retain their charming, archaic appearance while also benefiting from the steady, simple control for which electric appliances are known.

Our brass, Aladdin electric converter, which comes with a power chord and control knob, offers just the sort of compromise between traditional looks and modern convenience that these lamp enthusiasts are looking for. Durable, reliable, and graced with a subdued, yet dignified design, the Aladdin electric converter is an ideal match for a variety of indoor lighting and decorating projects.

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