1. Dimensions, Dimensions, Dimensions The most confusing term in ordering lamp parts is IPS. It stands for Iron Pipe Size. It indicates the thread size. IPS is not the same as inches. 1/8 IPS is commonly used on table lamps. It measures 3/8 diameter. ¼ IPS is commonly used on floor lamps. It measures ½ diameter. Please make sure that all the parts you want to use together have the same thread size. For additional information, see our chart of Thread Sizes.

  2. Fitter size of the glass; Most of our glass shades and chimneys fit into some type of holder. The fitter size is the inside diameter of that holder. The outside diameter of the glass measures slightly under the fitter size so that the glass easily fits into the holder.

  3. Banding is measured by the foot. We cut the piece according to the quantity ordered. So if you order a quantity of 3, you will get one piece that is 3 feet long. Can be cut with heavy duty shears. It is sold in one continuous roll.

  4. The measurement given on bases refers to the top usable diameter of the base – the part your vase or column rests on.

  5. The measurement given on prisms refers to the length of the large piece of the prism. The small piece is included and adds ¾ to 1 to the total length.

  6. The measurement given on harps is the distance from the bottom of the saddle to the bottom of the shade holder rod. *See our diagram on how to measure a harp.

  7. A tapped part is threaded. Slip is unthreaded and made to slip over a part with the given dimension.

  8. We ship from Chicago. UPS ground shipping to the east coast takes 2-3 days. UPS ground shipping to the west coast takes 4 days. It normally takes 1-2 days to process an order. If you need your order quicker, please indicate in special instructions that you need your order shipped immediately. 

  9. If you have any questions, please call us or send an email to info@mylampparts.com. Send your digital pictures along with dimensions. Our knowledgeable staff will help you find the items you need to complete your project or repair you lamp.

  10. Returns:  Merchandise may not be returned without our permission.  We are more than anxious to correct any errors we might make without expense to you.  If the error is yours, there will be a 20% restocking charge on all returned merchandise.  20% restocking fee applies to merchandise only and return shipping is the responsibility of the customer.  Please notify us immediately (a maximum of five business days) regarding shortages or incorrect shipments.  No returns or claims will be accepted after 30 days.

  11. UNFINISHED BRASS has not been polished or buffed.  UNFINISHED BRASS parts, turnings, or spinnings are likely to have lines, black marks,  and minor scratches as they come from the machining tools and processes.  Finishes that do away with these marks are either brushed brass (equivalent to satin brass) or polished brass.  Burnishing and lacquering is only a chemical clean up process and many not do away with all the lines left over in machining. 
  12. Paper candle covers vs plastic candle covers;  Paper cover has a built in cardboard insulator.  Plastic cover does not have thick insulation and requires a cardboard insulator to prevent a shock.
  13. We do not carry power supply transformers
  14. Burner Sizes are as follows: #3 is 1-7/8" diameter, #2 is 1-1/4" diameter, #1 is 7/8" diameter, #00 is 5/8" diameter.
  15. I.E.S. stands for "Illuminating Engineering Society"  I.E.S reflector shades (glass or plastic) are of the best quality available today.  They are evenly white translucent & without color pigmentation.
  16. Edison= standard base  = medium base (example: your standard household bulb that would be in a lamp or ceiling fixture)
  17. Candelabra base is much smaller.  (example: they are typically used in chandeliers, candelabras, & accent lighting.)
  18. IPS=Iron Pipe Size       
  19.  NPSF = National Pipe Straight Fuel