White corrugated rubber 1"
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White corrugated rubber 1"

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Threaded on its top and bottom, the white corrugated rubber No. 1 adapter is designed to fit within the lip of an antique candlestick or wine bottle. Once secured, this adapter can then be fitted with an electrical light socket or a variety of other fixtures. Though we also produce a line of all-in-one candlestick and wine bottle adapters, one of the advantages of this model is that the individual lamp builder can match it with the sockets and fixtures of their choice, allowing for a degree of freedom that is sure to be appreciated by any hobbyist.

Beyond the flexibility afforded by the design of the No. 1 adapter, its corrugated rubber sides have the added advantage of being able to provide a secure fit while also being made of a material that cannot damage the interior lip of a metal candlestick or glass wine bottle. This, especially for antiquarians who are particularly concerned with preserving the fine pieces of bygone eras, is a material advantage for anyone who is concerned with handing down the candlesticks, bottles, or other components they may be using as the base for a lamp unscathed.

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