Fully Adjustable Plug-In Light Converter
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Fully Adjustable Plug-In Light Converter

SKU: SL19170
The Fully Adjustable Plug-In Light Converter is an electrical light socket that can be plugged into any electrical wall or floor outlet. Supporting a single light bulb, its adjustable head can be angled 90 degrees in any direction and rotated around its axis in a complete circle. This allows even a basic wall outlet to be turned into a light fixture that can illuminate any direction, making the adapter a perfect lighting choice for any cramped or confined area that needs adjustable lighting but cannot fit or support a large ceiling fixture or movable lamp. In popular usage, these areas include work stations, display cases and cabinets, closets, walkways, garages, and other spaces that need simple lighting that can be easily re-directed.

In addition to its versatility, this 3-1/2?‚´ extension can support light bulbs rated up to 100 Watts, enabling even the corners or recessed areas of a room or walkway to have an appropriate and comfortable level of illumination. As each adapter comes with an ON/OFF switch, they can also be used as compact wall lamps or within track lighting that may need seasonal adjustments. This plug-in can also be combined with our model SL19529 for use as a Candle Light Adapter.

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