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Recycling Lamps To Go Green

Going green is a buzzword in today’s society, especially when it comes to energy usage. The new generation of light bulbs use a lot less electricity than they did twenty five years ago. In many places, older light bulbs have even been banned in order to conserve resources in a more efficient fashion. Europe is just one example of this. But did you know that you can create environmentally friendly lights and lamps with much more than just energy efficient fluorescent and LED light bulbs? Using recycled and repurposed materials can increase your green efforts and can make a one of a kind creation with which you can illuminate your home.

One unique way in which people are going green with their lighting is to take old store signs and replace the lights within them with newer and bigger fluorescent light bulbs. These types of bulbs use less electricity than older bulbs and have longer life spans, thus cutting down on waste in more than one way. For bigger signs, such as the letters that light up to illuminate the name of the business, longer fluorescent bulbs are better than many smaller ones. Once the bulb is replaced, the rest of the sign is cleaned up and remodeled to act as a piece of art within the home. What once adorned an old storefront can now light up a room and will give you a unique art piece at the same time.

Another popular method of repurposing something to use as a lamp part is to take an empty bottle of wine and add lamp parts to it in order to repurpose the bottle to become the column of a lamp. There are still some traditional lamp parts that you will need, such as a base and shade. Of course, you will also want to add the most important aspects of the lamp to your wine bottle light, too. You will need a bulb and an electrical fixture to screw the bulb into. You could always just drop your old wine bottles off at the local recycling center, or you could create a one of a kind tribute to your favorite type of drink.

You can always use different repurposed items to use as other parts of your custom lamps, as well. Some artists even create their own hand blown glass to use as 

Whatever you do, you will want to make sure that you are using the best lamp parts that will match your specific design. For example, top quality sockets will help you to make sure that the bulb is secure and receiving the proper amount of electricity.light bulbs. You don’t need to go to this extreme, but you can be as creative in your design as you would like. Paper shades are really easy to create on your own, and they are even easier to decorate in whatever manner you see fit. Or you could use the leg of an old defunct table or chair as a homemade lamp column. You can stain or paint the wood that you use to give this old piece of broken furniture a new life. This is especially nice if your furniture held sentimental value to you.
So while things like CFL bulbs can help you to save money and energy usage, this doesn’t mean that your green thinking should stop there. Basica

lly anything that is sturdy and reliable can be used as a lamp part; you will only be limited to what you can use by your own imagination. Lamp design can be very fun and fulfilling, and if you are doing your part to use and reuse items in a green fashion, the process will bring with it a piece of mind, too.