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Lighting Can Be The Difference In Transforming Your Room

Making your living space your own is a great way to increase your comfort and relaxation levels within your home. Lighting is one of the easiest ways to transform a room and make it unique. Lamps are cheap compared to getting new furniture or remodeling your home, and they are fairly easy to put into place. The best part about this method is that there are countless different ways in which you can transform your rooms with lighting. Let’s look at some of the best ways to do this.

1.)    Shading and lights.  Different lamps can easily produce different types of atmospheres. For example, filling your bedroom with ultra bright fluorescent lights gives the feeling of a sterile and generic environment. Hospitals and grocery stores use this kind of lighting so that there are few shadows and dark spots and to allow patrons to see products with as much ease as possible. Instead of this standard lighting, try shading your lamps or put sconces up on the wall. This will create a more romantic and personal atmosphere. You don’t want your bedroom to be boring, you want it to reflect your personality so that you can feel more at home. Lamps with shades are an easy way to accomplish this.

2.)    Mix it up. Use a creative balance of ceiling lights, floor lamps, and table lamps. Ceiling lights are great for a normal atmosphere, but they often create shadows and a very non-personal atmosphere. Make your room a little bit more intimate. A table lamp will help you see a book better to read at night. You can always turn off the ceiling lights and illuminate just a small portion of your room at any given time to create a contrast within the room, too. There are so many options with these combinations of different types of lights that your choices are almost limitless.

3.)    Different colored lights. A room with white paint and bright fluorescent lights will have a very generic feel to it. Instead of painting your walls a more personal color, try just changing one of your light bulbs for a colored bulb. Green, red, and blue lights can instantly change the mood of your room and make for a very unique feel. You can exaggerate this feeling for parties and its applicable within any room of the house.

4.)    Go elegant. There are many different choices that you can use when selecting the type of lamp that you will be using. There are generic floor lamps that serve a distinct purpose, but why would you want a standard, run of the mill, lamp for a room that is anything but ordinary? You don’t need to put a generic lamp in your beautiful room. Look for lamps and lamp parts that fit the general motif of your dwelling area. If you want to transform a boring old room into something exciting and different, you can use fancy or unique lamps to help perpetuate the particular atmosphere you are looking for.

5.)    Look at different lamp shades. Your lamp shade might not seem like a big deal, but this part of the lamp can have an influence on the shading and lighting of the room. A colored lamp shade will make the room a different shade than a standard white shade. Also, you can create an ambience with lamp shades even if the lights are off. A decorative lamp shade makes a different impression than a boring single color shade.

Your house is an extension of who you are. You want your quarters to be comfortable and to mesh with your personality. Having the right lights in your home is an easy way to accomplish this.