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Crazy Lamps Built with Unlikely Materials

When it comes to constructing lamps, there are a handful of materials that are commonly used. Your standard lamp can be somewhat predictable and typical. However, before you go thinking that all lamps are uncreative and boring, here’s a handful of lamps we’ve found that are built with unlikely and random supplies.  A lot of these lamps might even inspire you to embark on your own do-it-yourself lamp project. If that’s the case, don’t hesitate to check out the different parts we have on our website to help you out.

Also, have you come across any other crazy lamps built with surprising resources? Share them with us!


This lamp is made with business cards completely encompassing the light. Potentially a good tactic for getting your name out there?

Too bad this hair dryer lamp isn't multi-functional.

Instead of throwing out those used coffee filters, you can get crafty and make a new lampshade.

Since you're probably using a Keurig coffee machine these days anyways, right?

Confusing as it may be when you switch this lamp on, it spills out light.

Have you ever needed the brightness of a headlight indoors? Look no further.

Now that colder weather is on its way, it might be time to hang up those ice cream scoopers.

This iron lamp is very unexpected.

We all have a million of those plastic ball point pens. You might as well put them to some use...

Whether your a ski fanatic or putting your skis aside for your next Aspen trip, this is a pretty cool idea for a lamp.

Now we know nobody uses these anymore so no excuses on making your own.

The only way this Hoover lamp could get cooler is if it also vacuumed.

What Lamp Part Do I Need?

Unless your lamp is really a candle in a candle holder, chances are there's more then just two pieces which make up your lamp.  And believe it or not, but there are unique lamp parts of all shapes and sizes, models and makers.  One lamp part doesn't necessarily fit the next lamp over.  Therefore it takes a bit of work to identify which party ou need.  Often times when lamp owners contact us they are clicking around trying to find the right part only to get lost and/or send us emails.  And we're always happy to answer them, however the answers are likely going to come out in questions like these:

  • What brand of lamp do you have?
  • Does it have a model number?
  • Have you identified the broken part?
  • About how old is the lamp?
  • Can you send us a picture of your lamp? Pictures are worth a thousand words, right?

That's the beginning of our conversation.  We can then narrow down the lamp and put a list of product numbers together we know that manufacturer used.  After all, lamp manufacturers are like any other business, they tend to use the same parts over and over again, until they find an item to improve and/or reduce the cost of making it. It's all about the bottom line. 

Perhaps after answering a few of the questions above, you'll be able to find the part you need on our site without our help.  Click around through our left hand navigation to find the type of part it is you need and start widdling down the size and model of the part. tries hard to carry the parts for the lamps you bought years ago and today.  If you are unable to find the part you need, we may be able to help you find it so don't hesitate to reach out.  We'll be looking for you to send us a note through our contact form by clicking here