We carry a wide variety of light sockets, from the standard interior light socket to the brass shelled light socket.  To find the lamp socket to suit your needs, click on the category of light socket you need below.

Please note that when attaching sockets, an IPS thread size is not equivalent to the Inch Measurements.

For complete thread sizing information, check out FAQ section.


Light sockets are the part of a lamp or light fixture that transfer electricity to a bulb. They are generally controlled by a string, chain, knob, or, in the case of most fixtures, a wall switch. Sockets are produced as both single and clustered units as well as with rings or other fittings that allow them to be used with special shells or coverings. The conversion of a gas lamp to one that runs on electric power usually involves the replacement of a burner with a socket.

Light Socket Types

Because the use of sockets is as varied as that of electric lighting, we offer a broad range of socket types, both standard and specialized. Among these are:

  • Bakelite
  • Brass shell
  • Cluster
  • Interior
  • Paper shell
  • Porcelain
  • Weather proofed
  • Bayonet double contact sockets
Our Bakelite series includes, among other types, phenolic shell lamp holders that are ideal for converting older lamps as well as candelabra base sockets. Because preferences differ when it comes to lighting controls, our brass sockets are available with non-removable keys, pull chains, push-thrus, and side knobs.

In addition to our many lamp and fixture sockets, we also stock light socket shells, caps, and socket covers.

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