Shade risers are used to both elevate and prop shades above a lamp or light fixture. They also help to fortify the sides and rim of a shade against damage caused by casual contact. When attached to the top of a riser, shade risers allow a shade to reach an optimum height in which the light it emits is neither too intense nor too restricted. For most lamps the bottom of a shade should ideally reach the top of its base. This allows for the maximum amount of reading light without directly exposing the bulb. When combined with a riser, a these lamp parts allow a shade to reach such a desired height and span. In the case of reflector type shades that are being used on ceiling fixtures, a shade riser allows the height of a shade to be adjusted in a way that provides a room with the most comfortable level of illumination.

We currently offer reflector type shade risers for 10”, 8”, and 6” reflectors as well as brass and nickel plated shade clips.
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