The restoration and repair of lamps often requires specialty screws that cannot be found at the local hardware store. As we understand how important it is for our customers to have pieces that fit precisely with the often elaborate fixtures they are building, we have endeavored to carry a line of screws that includes all the irregularly sized threads and lengths the restorer of an antique lamp might need.

In addition to special head screws that have lengths of 1/2” and either 5/40” or 6/32” threads, we also offer special finial screws with lengths of 1/2” and threads of 1/4”-27. To meet the needs of anyone who is repairing or restoring a chandelier, we carry cross drilled brass screws with 6-32” threads that are intended for hanging crystals.

Because the hard work that has been put into finishing the look of an antique can be ruined by the appearance of modern steel screws, we carry a line of brass turned thumb screws that range in length from 1/4” to 1-1/2” and have 8/32” threads. We also stock knurled head and thumb screws that come with either nickel or brass plating. To fulfill all the needs of anyone who is hanging a fixture, we also offer hanger bolts and round head screws.
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