In keeping with the organically-inspired art of the Late Victorian and Art Nouveau periods, gas lamps were often decorated with brass pieces that resembled flowers, especially roses. Such ‘rosettes’ were often taken to extremes and used as oversized canopies in their own right. Many smaller rosettes, however, were used to cover exposed nipples or other less charming lamp parts. Each variation of the rosette, however, shared the common trait of being a threaded covering that went beyond having a merely organic design to actually being cast with lines that resembled flower buds. Though primarily intended for decorative reasons, the inclusion of such ‘petals’ actually made these lighting parts functional as well as ornate by increasing the quality of their grip. This dovetailing of functional and artistic elements was also in keeping with the predominant architectural philosophy of the era.

To aid in the restoration of antique lamps to late 19th Century standards, we offer a variety of rosettes that can either be used as canopies or ornamental coverings. These include stamped brass rosettes that range in diameter from 1-1/4” to 4-3/8” and smaller die cast and stamped rosettes. No matter their size, each has been designed to fit the look of various period lamps.
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