Risers are used to elevate shades. They are generally attached to a lamp between the harp and shade or top ring. This raises the overall height of the shade, ideally to a position where the bottom of the shade rests just above the top of the lamp’s base. Such a position maximizes the light available for reading while protecting eyes from direct exposure to a lamp’s bulb.

Because restored or repaired lamps may have shades with dimensions that differ from those they were originally sold with, risers are essential to ensuring that an owner gets the most out of their lamp. This is because a lamp with a shade that is too low is not providing all the illumination it could while one with a shade that is too high may have a light bulb that is uncomfortably exposed. For this reason we offer these lamp parts in several sizes, both in terms of threading and height. To conform with the many decorative pieces that can be added to a lamp, our risers are also available with bamboo, stamped, or turned styling.
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