Rings are circular pieces that have uses that range from the aesthetic to the structural. Though they are commonly added to the base of antique lamps to act as a type of trim, as is the case with filigree rings, rings such as top rings are used to position shades and prevent their collapse. Even filigree rings, when placed near the top of larger lamps or fixtures, can be used to provide burners or sockets with an added layer of protection.

Due to the many uses of these lamp parts, we offer a wide selection of rings. This includes 3” diameter acrylic, 6”, 7”, or 10” diameter brass, 7”, 10”, 12”, and 14” diameter steel, and both polished and unfinished top rings for use with shades. To complement our decorative banding and ornaments, we also carry 6-¼” diameter filigree rings that are entwined with floral designs.

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