Recessed trims are decorative pieces that are used to blend light fixtures in with their surroundings, especially ceilings. Essentially wide rims with bowls, recessed trims cover the rough edges that are a result of cutting or drilling through a ceiling. These lighting parts also hide any wiring that might otherwise be exposed to view. Because they serve to form an aesthetically pleasing transition between the light fixture and the room it illuminates, recessed trims usually come in complementary colors and with little to no extra decoration or styling. They are particularly popular with the owners of modern and contemporary homes, as they allow for out of the way yet seamlessly styled lighting.

To help homeowners bring the best out of their kitchens, bedrooms, and other living areas we carry both 4” and 6” line voltage clear chrome and white metal stepped trims. Because they reflect light from a fixture downward, clear chrome trims are excellent choices for otherwise dark spaces or areas that may require a concentration of light. As they produce a light and airy feel, white metal recessed trims are routinely matched with patios, living rooms, and other areas where people assemble or entertain guests.
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