Pipes are hollow metal tubes that both form part of a light fixture or lamp’s structure and allow for the concealment of its electrical or gas lines. Depending on whether or not they can be seen after the completion of a lighting or remodeling project, pipes can either be adorned or left plain. To meet the varied needs of our customers, we carry brass, steel, and nickel or brass-plated as well as threaded and un-threaded pipes. Please note when deciding the right pipe, IPS thread size are not equivalent to Inch Measurements. For complete thread sizing, check out FAQ section.

Lamp Pipe Styles

Though most of our brass pipes are produced in 3ft long sections, 6ft pieces can also be ordered for many types. In terms of style, we offer reeded, roped, roped and reeded, fancy brass, and square pipes. Each of these lamp parts can be purchased with either finished and lacquered or unfinished surfaces. Our steel pipes are available in several lengths and are either fully threaded, partially threaded, or un-threaded. In addition, we offer threaded nickel and brass-plated pipes.

Whether a contractor or restorationist is working on a complex lighting piece that will be seen in its entirety or just a fixture that is intended for use in generally out of the way areas, we offer the piping needed to get the job done.
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