Necks are decorative parts that, like columns and breaks, are used to fill-out a lamp’s body and cover unsightly elements like central rods. Though most necks are short and used to connect broad, more elaborately decorated pieces, there are several necks that can be used as columns in their own right. In terms of styling, necks range from thick pieces with broad, central ridges or bell-shaped curves to longer spindles that can either be straight or broken up with gentle curves. Necks can also be beaded, ridged, or left without any additional details, as is often the case with spacers.

We offer brass, plastic-plated, and steel necks that come in a variety of shapes, though most are tapped with an IPS of 1/8”. All of our pieces are designed to work well with combinations of our other decorative lamp supplies, making the restoration or design of a unique lamp simple.
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