A restoration project at home or work often calls for the installation of several uniformly built lamps. Though many decorators might prefer to painstakingly restore each lamp they intend to use, the realities of larger projects often dictate that they purchase several lamps that have been designed according to the aesthetics of bygone periods. Even in cases where a decorator or home owner only intends to place one lamp in a room, it is often simply easier to buy a lamp than to rebuild one using the lamp parts that we offer. Because of this we offer a line of complete lamps that are crafted to fit the aesthetics of many rehabilitation or decorating projects.

For instance, those who intend to refurbish an office, be it at home or in a place of business, may find the dignified lines and reserved green shades of our Double Bankers Lamps appealing. Though modeled after the lighting fixtures that were used in banks for centuries, such lamps are also ideal for libraries, meeting rooms, and small as well as large offices. Our student lamps have a similar, austere layout and are also perfect for formal meeting and reading areas. They can even make a fine, if subtle, addition to a bed or living room.

Decorators who seek lamps with styles that allude to the more distant past will be pleased with our collection of colonial and desk lamps. Each is designed to carry on the artistic traditions, such as graceful chimneys, organic, curving lines, and fine brass finishes, that are associated with oil lamps from 18th and 19th Century America. Such restorers will also be attracted to our richly detailed, 20” tall French gold lamp.

To fulfill all the lighting needs of our customers, we also offer a Black Hood Lantern outdoor lamp that measures 6” x 8-7/8” and uses a 60 watt medium base bulb. Ideal for garages, walkways, and decks, this outdoor lamp is designed to resist all forms of weather.
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