Once a lamp has been painstakingly restored any further damage it might receive would be felt by its owner as downright tragedy. We understand that our customers value their lamps and consider them to be pieces of both history and art. That's why, in addition to lamp parts, we offer many supplies that can help keep a lamp in pristine condition.

A lamp that is intended as a gift, for instance, might need to be shipped across the country. It might even have to be stored for a while due to moving or home remodeling. Cellophane wrapping helps to protect a lamp from both blunt trauma and the sort of scratching it might endure while being juggled in a box that has either been dropped in the back of a truck or that is getting shoved around in an attic. Such damage, however, does occur from time to time. To repair it, we offer both Loctite 609 retaining compound and Krylon spray enamel. Available in colors commonly found on antique lamps, like light and dark bronze as well as gold, spray enamel can help cover up small dings, scratches, and traces of corrosion.

When a lamp finally is pulled out of storage its owner will want it to be able to take its place in a living, dining, or entertainment room with pride. To help bring out the best in such a lamp we carry both cans and tubes of Simichrome polish.
Lamps Parts Kit SL30200
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