Keys are the small knobs that are used to control the amount of light, and thus fuel being consumed, by a gas or oil lamp. They are also used to control electric lights that have been styled to resemble antique lamps. Because they are often the finishing, if small, touch on a restored lamp, keys must be cast with designs that are appropriate for period pieces, as the work that has been put into resurrecting a fine oil lamp can be undermined by the inclusion of lighting parts that look modern.

In keeping with this design philosophy, we carry die cast as well as knurled keys that are styled to fit with the look of most antique pieces. Our die cast keys, which are brass-plated and tapped to 4/36” and 6/32”, are each decorated with either wreath or horseshoe motifs, making them a perfect match for lamps from the 19th and early 20th Centuries as well as modern pieces that are intended to emulate the look of bygone eras. Our 1-½” long knurled brass key, which is intended for use as a turn knob socket, is also appropriate for both new and old lamps.
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