Some of the best moments in life are spent entertaining friends. These can be informal, casual moments taken up by televised ballgames, quick snacks, or just general banter. There are also, however, times when a hostess has spent weeks planning a perfect formal gathering. Such a gathering may also be among friends, but it is just as likely to include coworkers, neighbors, and relatives who have, perhaps, flown in from far and wide. Such formal gatherings are often called for to mark special occasions like weddings, baptisms, or promotions and, as such, are generally noted for the high level of décor that accompany them.

Silver Serving Trays and Silver Platters

To help with such formal gatherings we offer a line of dignified, elegant settings that includes silver serving trays. We currently offer three separate designs that are intended to complement a wide variety of silverware. Our large silver serving tray measures 26” by 8” and has two straight 2-1/2” handles while another, slightly smaller rectangular gift tray has a length of 20” and gently indented lines. For pairings with kettles, teapots, and other round serving pieces we offer a circular, 16-1/2” diameter silver serving tray with curved 2-1/4” handles that is available in brass in addition to silver. All trays are lightly embossed with flowing, majestic designs that were inspired by neoclassical art.

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