Though they are often stylized with slight curves, figurines are any lamp part that provides a physical connection between the body or electrical box of a lamp or light fixture and the lights themselves. Like lamp arms, they are essentially hollow pipes that are designed to both conceal electrical wiring and support the weight of any lights, cups, shades, or any other parts that may be attached to their ends. As they allow light bulbs to be spread out from the base of a lamp or fixture, figurines generally increase the quality of the light that lamp or fixture produces by helping to diffuse it.

Light Figurines

As floor and table lamps may have to be moved between locations within a home throughout their lifetime, some figurines are designed to be have adjustable lengths. These parts, called extension assemblies, consist of two or more threaded pipes that can telescope to fit a desired length. We currently offer extension assemblies that can be adjusted to lengths of between 8” to 15”, 10” to 15”, and 9” to 13-1/2” as well as standard brass plated figurines that have lengths that run between 5” and 24” and brushed brass figurines with lengths of 5” to 24”. All of our figurines have 1/8” IP threaded ends.
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