Extensions are used almost exclusively to extend the pipe nipple in a ceiling box.  Older buildings, especially the ones that use gas, have very recessed pipe fittings.  In order to hang electric fixtures in old gas housings, the extensions are neccesary.  Extensions come in 3/8  IPS which measures 5/8'' diameter.

Pipe Nipple Extender

Extensions are screwed to the ends of pipe nipples in order to extend their length. They are especially useful for converting ceiling boxes found in older buildings from gas to electrical use, as the piping found in such fixtures is generally recessed. Increasing the length of such archaic piping makes the hanging of not only electrical but also decorative fixtures much easier, saving the home or business owner time and money.

Our extensions come in lengths of 1”, 11/16”, and 3/8” and with 5/8”, or 3/8 IPS, diameters. MyLampParts.com also offers other lamp parts for all your repair needs.
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