Our decorative metal category consists of cast metal, brass, or steel and are used to adorn or embellish your lamp or chandelier. With an extra leaf, break or shiny husk, your lamp or lighting piece will bring an aesthetic design to your masterpiece.


Sometimes a lamp is intended to provide more than light. For the restorer, antiquarian, or collector a lamp, chandelier, or other lighting fixture may be part of a restoration project, a project that may seek to return a great old Victorian home to the time in which it belongs. To complete such a transformation our customers may have to repair or modify existing lamps with new lighting parts, including those that have lost their ornamental details to generations of wear and tear. Our decorative pieces are designed for just such projects, as they are crafted with the ornate details that are appropriate for period pieces.

Decorative Chandelier Pieces

In keeping with the décor of the ‘Gilded Age’, we carry brass and steel husks, breaks, gas keys, and leaves that were created with the needs of restorers in mind. As each home, no matter the period, is a little different, we’ve also endeavored to introduce variety within our line of decorative lamp pieces. After all, part of the charm of an antique lamp or chandelier is the way in which it varies from the others in its generation. It is this uniqueness that we hope to help our customers preserve.

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