Turned brass cups work well as bases for candelabra sockets.  Although not as popular, they can be used for real candles.  Florists and wedding coordinators have made use of these in decorative displays.  Turned brass cups are usually threaded for pipe nipples and stamped cups  (brass or steel) slip pipes or nipples.  Harp cups are specialty cups designed to hold harps. 


Brass Cups

Cups are parts for lamps, lighting fixtures, or candelabras that hold or cover the base of a light source. When present on a fixture that uses electric lighting, cups hide unsightly sockets as well as the bases of light bulbs. Though our brass turned cups are designed for use with fixtures that run on electric power, many decorators and event planners are increasingly turning to them for use within displays as stylized candle holders. Because they are manufactured to high standards and come in many sizes, such alternate uses for cups are as varied as the customers who purchase them.

Beyond our many steel and brass candle cups, we also offer a line of cups that are designed for use with harps.

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