Crystals include pendalogues, spears, bobeches, cups, arms, beads, chain, and all the things to be found on a crystal chandelier.  Bobesches and prisms come with pins attached.  Arms have threaded ends for fixtures sockets.  Chains  occasionally need to be restrung.  Replacement beads and chains in various lengths are available.  For prisms pins see (Pins Category).


Over the course of millions of years the atoms within a quartz crystal have been arranged into geometrically balanced lattices. This structural perfection, as with other gems, lends quartz crystals a natural beauty that simultaneously stirs and placates the human eye. Thought by the ancients to be a form of permanently frozen ice, crystals have a unique ability to both reflect and spread light, to form passing, ethereal bands of color that have long been used to illuminate the homes of emperors, sultans, and tycoons.

Chandelier Crystals

Today’s manufacturing processes make having even the most elaborate of crystal chandeliers a decorating option for the average American home. Though we take pride in offering the consumer all the lamp parts they might need to install or repair a standard light fixture, we are also pleased to offer a line of crystals that can be used to assemble graceful, majestic chandeliers. Among these products are crystal chains, arms, balls, bells, bobesches, bulb covers, rosettes, and prisms. Since our crystal arms have threaded ends that can fit in most fixture sockets, they can even be used to assemble partial chandeliers or to spruce up other types of light fixtures. In the same vein, crystal chains and prism can be hung from both floor and table lamps to add an extra touch of elegance to a living or dining room. Crystal chandeliers and lamps, when present in a single room, also combine to maximize the beauty of each other, as their complementary radiance can blend to fill even the most ornate furnishings with an even and tranquil light.

To help the home decorator achieve this balance of light and form, a balance that is found within the nature of the crystals themselves, we provide crystal products that are crafted with ease of installation in mind. To achieve this end we offer prisms and bobesches with attached pins and replacement beads for any chain that needs to be restrung.
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