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Converters are lighting systems that allow antique gas or oil lamps to run on electrical power. Since many restorers have deliberately chosen antique lamps because of their appearance, converters are designed to resemble burners that would be appropriate for lamps and lighting fixtures from bygone eras.

The beauty of an old Victorian lamp, even one that has seen its fair use, is unquestioned. Wear and tear, stains, and even the odd mark or scratch can add to the charm of such a piece, as each of these supposed imperfections signify the passage of time and, with it, the lives of many former owners. They make what was once simply a beautiful lamp an item that now bears character. This character, this shaded charm, is what distinguishes an old lamp from a modern appliance and makes it something special in the eyes of a collector. However, the same weathered look and archaic technology that grants an antique lamp its dignity also tends to sentence it to a dusty and forgotten spot in an attic or storeroom. Though it may very well be a piece whose beauty will only grow with age, if it still burns oil it may be of no practical use to a modern homeowner.

Lamp Repair Parts - Converters

Converters, however, allow even the most arcane lamps to become a part of their owner’s life again. This is because, once installed in place of the lamp’s original burner, they transform what was an elegant, if unusable, lamp into something that can fill a room with clean, steady, and safe electrical lighting. Once again, after perhaps decades of disuse or storage, a lamp that was found in an old barn, at the corner novelty shop, or in grandmother’s basement can brighten a happy and thriving household.

Anyone wishing to bring such an antique lamp back to life can find the lamp parts within our extensive line of oil lamp converters. Keeping in mind the wide variety of lamps that have been produced over the centuries, we have labored to provide converters that come in varying dimensions and chimney styles. For the sake of convenience, most are also built with 8 ft long power chords. In addition, we offer brass shade holder and floor lamp converters that look great on modern lamps that may be in need of improvement.
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