Columns are used to build up floor lamps, extend table lamps and certain metal fixtures. Columns and floor lamps typically slip over the center pipe.  Columns for table lamps are sometime threaded at the top and don't need a center stem. 


Lamp Parts - What Are Columns?

Columns are long, stylized lighting and lamp parts that are used to ‘fill out’ a lamp and give it character. When combined with a lamp base or break they can form a complete lamp stand, though a single column can be used to decorate a table lamp. While most columns are designed to simply slip over a lamp’s center rod, making them convenient for anyone who wants to build up a floor lamp or extend a fixture, many columns come with threaded tops that make center stems unnecessary.

For both the restorer and the homebuilder, columns are essential to creating a lamp that is more than a simple utilitarian device. Because they hide the plain, often unevenly tarnished lines of center rods while playing off of the curves of other parts like arms, bases, and breaks, the selection of a quality column is the first step in transforming a basic lighting fixture or lamp into a true piece of art that can illuminate a room with style as well as light.

Lamp Accessories - Columns

To help the restorer, home remodeler, or artisan lamp builder craft a piece that is perfect for their home or office, we’ve labored to develop a broad selection of cast metal columns. Among these are Flemish-styled pieces with broad, bowled waistlines and squared bottoms, antique-inspired, elaborately detailed brite brasses, and smooth, gently curving columns with dark metallic finishes that exude a cool, modern energy.
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