Lamp Accessories - Collars

Collars are metal rings that fit over the ends of pipes or openings to conceal rough edges. This helps the end blend in with surrounding surfaces They are threaded in the middle with holes of varying widths. Currently, we offer one #2 all brass collar with a flared bottom and holes with widths of 1-1/4" on top and 2-1/4" on the bottom, another #2 with threads of 1-1/4" and 1-3/4", and a heavy gauge special brass collar for central draft burner No.22567 that has a 2-3/4" top thread and 2-7/8" bottom.

We also offer a No. 00 Nutmeg brass collar for oil lamps with a thread of 5/8" and a 1" bottom as well as reducing collars that can connect #1 male and #2 female threads or #1 and #2 burners.

Replacement Lamp Parts

Whether you're building a lamp from scratch or fixing up an old light, we've got the know how and the lighting parts to help. We back our business with customer service and expertise that no one else can offer. Contact us today with any questions, or use our simple and easy online store to get the replacement lamp parts you need right now.

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