Clusters can serve as junction bodies for fixture arms and some larger table lamps. They come as brass turnings and stampings. Turn cluster bodies have the strength necessary to support heavy "Tiffany" shades. Cluster bodies can be used as centers for larger fixtures too. 


Lamp Supplies - Clusters

Clusters are junctions to which lamp arms can be attached. Coming in sizes and shapes that are designed to accommodate varying numbers of arms, clusters can be used with table and floor lamps as well as ceiling and wall fixtures. Manufactured as either stampings or brass turnings, clusters can be used to support large fixtures. Due to their strength, turned clusters can support even heavy ‘Tiffany’-style shades.

Clusters And Other Replacement Lamp Parts

Along with stylized ‘S’ and 2-light clusters that are intended for use with wall fixtures, we offer twin arm and adjustable clusters that can be added to floor lamps to give any room the lighting flexibility that is needed to cover any situation. For basic table lamps and fixtures, however, our compact, rugged cluster bodies can support any type of lamp arm or shade. We also offer 3-cluster bodies and cluster heads that can complete any light fixture. We offer lighting supplies and replacement lamp parts to fix just about any lamp.

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