Check Rings are made of steel, stamped brass or turned brass.  They are used to check off the ends of larger pipes.  The check rings centers the threaded stem in place.  The center holes have two centered sizes:
1. 7/16" (1/8 IPS) for Table Lamp stems.  2.  9/16" (1/4 IPS) for Floor Lamp Stems.



Lamp Supplies Online - Check Rings

Check rings are used to cover and reduce the openings at the ends of pipes so that any threaded stem can be held firmly in place. Though generally cast from steel and stamped or turned brass, we also offer these lamp parts made from nickel, brushed brass, or brass-plated steel.

We currently carry check rings with two center hole sizes. 7/16” or 1/8 IPS sized holes are for table lamp stems while 9/16” or 1/4 IPS check rings are intended for floor lamp stems. Both sizes are available with our many brass, steel, brass-plated steel, and other check rings.

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