Vase Caps finish off lamp bases. Gas caps adapt ceiling fixtures. Turned brass caps finish off fixtures, lamps, and many other projects. They cover open vases whether metal or wood, and they plug gas lines.


Caps are any part that covers an opening in a lamp, fixture, or other piece of home décor. As their principle role is to close any gaps or spaces that might exist along a lamp’s base, a fixture’s body, or between a central rod or stand and the main body or lamp base, they generally come in a bell or dish shape, with one edge being wider than the other. In this way they resemble breaks, which also serve to bridge spaces between different parts of a lamp. Indeed, many breaks can also serve as caps, as is the case with our line of bell-shaped brass breaks.

Each custom lamp is, by design, different. Even antique lamps, which may have originally been produced in the thousands, have often been whittled away to singular existences by the passage of time. This means that, with caps and other lamp pieces, there is rarely a need for which one size fits all. Because of this we offer caps that vary not only in width and height, but also in the curvature of their sides. To cover such variations, we offer lines of cup, fount, neckless ball, and vase caps.

We’re also conscious of the many materials that have been used to create lamps over the years. To fulfill the needs these differences have created, we’re happy to offer restorers and decorators caps that are made from cast metal, brass, and wood.

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