Candlesticks have been used to illuminate rooms for centuries. They’re more than just tools, however, as in many cases throughout history finely crafted candlesticks have been elevated to pieces of high art. This is most evident in the fine candlesticks that were crafted during the Renaissance and Baroque periods, a time during which history’s greatest artists and architects were employed to furnish the mightiest of royal houses and most majestic of cathedrals.

Candle Stick Holders

Though the era in which people relied on candles to light their homes has passed, there are still occasions that call for the warm, golden light only a candle can bring. Though these can be ceremonial moments that mark milestones in someone’s life, they are just as often quiet hours spent alone or with close friends. To complete these moments an elegant, beautiful candlestick holders are often called for.

Whether intended for use during religious ceremonies, events like anniversary dinners, or just as decorative items for a traditionally-styled home, our wide selection of both brass and silver plated candlestick holders are crafted to deliver a dignity and charm that matches the warm, natural light a candle produces. We currently offer candlesticks of various shapes and sizes, including silver and brass-plated 13” tall pieces that can hold three candles, two different 6” brass-plated pieces that can hold a single candle, and a brass-plated 24” single-candle stick that is ideal for ceremonial uses.

Our line of silver-plated candlesticks also includes a 25-1/2” tall candlestick that can display as many as seven candles.

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