Our candle covers are a great way to add to the decor of any fixture. Candle covers or candle sleeves fit over the socket and cover up unsightly wiring. Our varieties include paper, plastic, veltone, or beeswax. When only replacing one or two candle covers on a chandelier or sconce, it is recommended to replace all the covers to insure that they match and look elegant.


Candle Covers - What Are They?

Candle sleeves are decorative covers that are designed to slip over light bulbs and sockets. Beyond simply covering up a lamp’s electrical wiring, they also create a visual effect that can simulate that of a burning candle or other unusual lighting type.

Candle covers or candle sleeves are made from semi-transparent materials such as paper, plastic, or wax, any light emitted by the covered bulb is filtered as it passes through a candle cover and appears to pick up various rich hues and textures. In particular, candle covers are so named because the lighting effects they create often mimic the diffused, soft glow a traditional candle produces. Many candle covers are even molded with textures that are reminiscent of the shape of a melting wax candle, making them especially suited for churches, banquet halls, and even theatrical settings.

Candle Sleeves - Lighting Effects

Decorators who are interested in creating striking lighting effects for modern homes, however, may be interested in our line of colored veltone candle covers and candle sleeves. Available in hues that range from rich, velvety reds and tangerine oranges to arboreal greens and tranquil, turquoise blues, veltone covers can bring a futuristic and energized feel to the most sedate and reserved of homes, offices, or public spaces. For dining rooms and other formal areas, we offer gold and white veltones as well as a selection of ivory and light brown fibre drip candle covers.

In addition to everyday uses, customers may be interested in our candle sleeves to help set the mood for special events, such as holiday parties. Because they can simulate candle light without requiring an open flame, candle covers are a perfect match for Halloween parties, haunted houses, or stores that specialize in exotic goods like costumes or antiques. No matter what the exact occasion is, we’re sure that our spectrum of fibre drip, paper, plastic, or veltone candle covers will be able to match your lighting needs.

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