Under Cabinet Lights

Under cabinet lights are small, basic lamp parts that can be installed within storage spaces and shelves, including closets, drawers, desks, and, as the name implies, cabinets. The simple task of under cabinet lights is to make searching for items in confined spaces easier.
As such, under cabinet lights are designed to be thin and easily recessed. Under cabinet lights are also designed to be powerful enough to eliminate shadows yet cool enough to operate in areas without any air circulation.

We offer a 15 watt, 7” cabinet light that comes complete with a brass finish and 120V 8” cord. The cord’s detachable plug makes threading it through shelving and confined spaces easy. For the convenience of our customers, we also stock 4” long, 15 watt frosted tubular light bulbs that are compatible with this and many other types of cabinet lights and desk lamps.
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