Bushing lamp parts are used to protect the wire from sharp surfaces like metal wireways. Bushings include bakelite bushings,eyelite bushings, headless reducing bushings, heyco snap bushings, heyco strain relief bushings, metal strain relief bushings, reducing bushings, or rubber grommets. In addition, brass reducing bushing are used to connect different size threads. For example, 8/32 size to 1/8 ips pipe size. Uses include base or disc attachments.


What is a Lamp Bushing?

Bushings protect lamp wiring from damage that could otherwise come from contact with the inside of wireways, lamp arms, or any other jagged surfaces. Our selection of bushing lamp parts includes both male and female Bakelite bushings that come in sizes of 1/2”, 1/4”, 1/8”, and 3/8” IPS, 6/32” and 8/32” eyelet bushings for socket covers and holders, and a wide variety of headless reducer bushings. We also offer Heyco snap and strain relief bushings as well as metal strain relief and brass reducing bushings.

Both gray and gold rubber grommets with diameters of 7/16” and 3/16” sized center holes are also available.
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