Bulb or light bulbs are the lamp parts that contain the filament of an incandescent electric lamp. Bulbs can be fluorescent, reflector bulbs, globe bulbs, tubular bulbs, specialty bulbs. colored bulbs, decorative bulbs, night light bulbs, energy efficient bulbs, halogen bulbs, household bulbs, and bulbs for vanity mirror.


Lamp Supplies - Light Bulbs

Bulbs are the parts of a lamp or fixture that generate light. Designed to be interchangeable and easily replaced, electric light bulbs make the modern way of life possible because they can provide steady, bright, and cheap illumination throughout the night or during any weather event. Though there are several types of light bulbs, we offer two of the most common: Incandescent and Fluorescent light bulbs. In an incandescent bulb an electric current runs through a filament that is heated until it radiates light. Within fluorescent lights, however, the electric current excites gases that, in turn, ‘phosphor’ and emit light.

Specialty Light Bulbs from My Lamp Parts

These two types of bulbs can be further divided into families based on their size and applications. We currently offer spiral, tubular, and U-shaped fluorescent lights that may be used in lamps, night lights, vanity mirrors, in work stations, or with a wide variety of other appliances. As they convert more electricity into light than heat, they are both energy efficient and noticeably cooler than traditional incandescent light bulbs. Since our customers often have to illuminate areas with limited space, we also offer GE’s series of 2-D fluorescent lights. Because they are flat and dissipate heat through a looped bulb, these light bulbs are perfect for tight working spaces like tool benches, engineering bays, or closets.

Decorative Light Bulbs

In addition to many fluorescent bulbs, MyLampParts.com also carry a deep selection of decorative light bulbs, incandescent light bulbs and halogen light bulbs. Our line of specialty light bulbs, for instance, is molded to mimic flames and other shapes that make a natural fit for candelabra-style lamps. For theatrical, gallery, dressing room, and other creative applications we offer a series of spherical, globe bulbs that come in rich amber, red, silver, and white colors.

Specialty bulbs like our yellow ‘bug’ and pink reflective bulbs are capable of illuminating any spot with a wide range of rich, living hues. Combined, our extensive halogen, reflector, and other household bulb selections cover every lighting need.

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