Bulb extensions are lamp parts that are used to lower light bulbs. Typically recessed cans need bulb extensions when using smaller more energy efficient bulbs. Bulb extending lamp parts come in two sizes. The large extensions is the mogul base. The smaller is the standard or medium base (household light bulbs).


What Are Light Bulb Extensions?

Bulb extensions enable smaller, often modern, light bulbs to properly fit within the cans or reflective dishes of antique lamps. As they effectively increase the length of any bulb, they make changing bulbs easier, especially when it comes to replacing bulbs that are in recessed cans or arms. Because they also provide a sturdy and snug fit for their bases, they reduce instances of cracked or otherwise wasted bulbs.

Socket Extender for Lamps and Lights

MyLampParts.com offers two basic types of bulb extensions: Mogul Base Extensions and Socket Extenders.

Mogul base extensions are used for larger bulbs, often those associated with large lamp stands or overhead lighting. Socket extenders, however, are generally paired with small to medium sized bulbs and can be used with desktop lamps and many other types of light fixtures.

The Candelabra Socket Extender increases a candelabra base by 5/8” and can be connected to other extenders to increase the base even further. Medium to Medium Bakelite Extensions, however, can increase the length of a lamp by 1-3/16”.

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