Breaks are typically used to decorate brass down rod. The Break results in a long tube separated into two smaller more visually appealing sections. Break lamp parts include 2 piece brass break, one piece brass break, cast metal breaks, or steel breaks.


Lamp Parts - What is a Break?

Breaks are decorative brass, steel, or cast metal pieces that are used to separate long, usually vertical surfaces such as the brass rods that are used in lamp stands and other types of furniture. As their primary aesthetic purpose is to break up long, straight surfaces and lines, they are usually bowled along their center and cast with multiple decorative lines or figurines. Breaks with wide bottoms, however, can be used as bases for stands or lamps. They can also give a ‘Gilded Age’ character to bed frames, desks, or tables.

Lighting Parts - Breaks

As breaks can be an essential part for any restorer or decorator who is trying to extend the height of an antique piece in a manner that is both charming and in keeping with the architectural styling of a traditional home, we offer a wide range of break styles and sizes. Among these are single and two-piece brass, cast metal, and steel breaks. Though many of these have a general ‘bell’ shape that is wider along the lip than the top, our cast metal series is produced in an assortment of styles, one of which is sure to fit with the beautiful lines of whatever antique piece a homeowner or craftsperson is restoring.

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