Bodies are primarily used to serve as a hub for the wiring of each and every arm or branch of lamp fixture or table lamp. Body lamp parts can include 2 light cluster bodies, 3 light cluster bodies, 2 piece bodies, cast brass bodies, steel cluster bodies or white metal bodies.


What Are Lamp Bodies?

Lamp bodies are a type of housing that both protect a lamp or light fixture’s wiring and provide a central support for any arms, stands, or other pieces that are attached to it. As the name implies, light bodies are analogous to the protective shell of an organism in that they shield a fixture’s electronic components while bearing the weight of its appendages. So that they can be oriented in any direction, light bodies tend to be circular, with openings for arms and wiring placed around their axis.

Lamp Repair Parts - Lamp Bodies

We offer a selection of both single and two-piece light bodies, including ones that are designed to support three or more lights. Among these are light bodies that are made from antique brass, cast brass, or that are brass plated. In addition, two-piece steel and white metal bodies that can connect to up to five arms and stylish, two-piece, 3-light bodies that are crafted with overhead lighting fixtures in mind are also available.

Homeowners and businesses take pride in the places in which they live and work. For both, renovations are about more than just creating a functional living space: They’re also about creating bright, beautiful spaces in which someone can enjoy time with friends, coworkers, and family. Quality lighting is a part of that and, for this reason, we’re proud to be able to provide our customers with lamp and light fixture bodies that protect the source of that light in a dignified and graceful way.

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