Bobesche lamp parts are slightly cupped rings placed over the socket of a lamp once used to catch the drippings of a candle. Bobesche lamp parts can be brass bobesche, steel bobesche unplated or plated and scalloped bobeche lamp parts.


What is a Bobeche?

A bobeche (also spelled bobesche) is a plate or ring that emulates the slightly curved cups that were once used on candelabras to capture melted wax. Generally placed at the top of a lamp’s socket or stand, they are principally a decorative element that grant electric lamps a look that mimics that of antique lighting pieces. They can, however, help a lamp’s stability by adding a little extra weight to the area below its shade.

Lamp Parts - Bobesche

MyLampParts.com currently offers three bobeche types, including various saucer-shaped and scalloped brass plates as well as a line of unfinished steel plates.

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