Battery Nuts lamp parts are nuts to go on the ends of electrical terminals. They usually knurled to facilitate installing on top of a screw by hand. Lamp battery nuts serve a dual purpose - for aesthetics and protection of sensitive lamp parts.


What Are Battery Nuts?

Battery Nuts are small, rounded parts that cover electrical terminals. As they are often applied to the terminal’s screws by hand, battery nuts are knurled to improve handling. Though their function is largely aesthetic, as they hide screws that could disrupt the otherwise smooth look of an elegant, antique lamp, they also serve to protect terminals from contact that could cause damage.

Replacement Lamp Parts - Battery Nuts

MyLampParts.com's product line currently includes burnished and lacquered as well as nickel plated 8/32” F battery nuts. We also offer female threaded, 8/32” unfinished brass battery nuts.

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