Banding lamp parts are thin strips of flexible material or metal used to encircle and bind one object of a lamp or chandelier and create a beautiful design on a base or bottom of a lamp. Crystals sometimes hang from these bandings. Banding includes steel banding lamp parts or brass banding lamp parts. Banding can be open banding or closed banding or novelty banding.


Lamp Repair Parts - Banding

Banding is primarily a decorative surface that is wrapped around the base or arms of a lamp. Though it can enhance the strength of a lamp if connected to more than one surface, it generally serves to hide any unsightly joints or surfaces that may have been exposed during the building of the lamp.

For pieces that are intended for use alongside more ornate architectural or interior decorating styles, banding is often needed to make a lamp fit with the aesthetics of its surroundings. As such, banding often ‘completes’ the feel of a custom or restored lamp.

Though generally used to wrap lamp bases, banding can also be applied to hanging fixtures or other stylized finishings.

What is Lamp Banding?

Because they often incorporate interlaced designs that have perforated surfaces, strings or wires that are laden with various types of beads or jewels can also be hung from banding. This is particularly common with lamps or fixtures that are intended to emulate an early 20th Century décor.

MyLampParts.com currently offers both Brass and Steel Banding in various sizes and finishes. Keeping in mind that banding often serves a solely decorative purpose, we also provide our customers with a wide variety of artistic styles to choose from, including Neo-Classical, Arabic, Curvilinear, and other abstract designs as well as both a variety of floral and other naturalistic imprints.

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