Balls or Ball lamp parts are spherical in shape and are used in the design of a lamp. Balls can be two piece ball, brass ball ornaments, half round brass balls, spheres, cast brass balls, hollow brass balls, stamped brass balls and covers, steel brass balls.


Balls are spherical, decorative lamp parts that are used to both break up the often vertical surfaces of a lamp base or stand and provide that lamp with a slightly improved grip. Balls come in several shapes and sizes and can also be used alone or in groups in the design of a lamp. Several balls, for instance, can be attached atop one another to give a lamp a curvy, almost organic look. Half round balls, for instance, can also be connected to either end of a lamp stand to give it a balanced, almost hour glass-like appearance.

Lamp Repair Parts - Balls

Though deceptively simple in terms of their basic shape, balls are an essential option for any hobbyist or decorator who is thinking about either restoring an antique lamp or creating a new, customized one as they allow the shape of a lamp to be modified with very little effort. If attached to the top of a lamp stand, they also form an easy to grasp and aesthetically pleasing handle.

Lamp Parts Online

MyLampParts.com currently offers a series of both Brass and Steel Balls. Brass Balls are further divided into lines of stamped, ornamental, two-piece, half-round, hollow, and cast brass balls. These allow a decorator or lamp builder a variety of choices when deciding upon the look and feel of a custom piece. In addition, our stamped steel balls are available with holes, inserts, and covers. Given the natural resistance both brass and stainless steel have to water, both lines are ideal for outdoor conditions.

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