Arms are lamp parts that are used to branch a chandelier or lamp to create extra lighting and create distances in wall sconces or ceiling fixtures. Arm lamp parts can be adjustable arms, steel arms, brass arms, cast brass arms, cast metal arms, or figurine arms.


Lamp arms are parts that are used to create spans, or distances, between individual lights in a chandelier or lamp and its base. Essentially hollow tubes through which electrical wiring is threaded, lamp arms can be cast or bent into a variety of shapes to satisfy both the aesthetic and structural needs of any lamp or fixture. Because they separate a fixture’s individual light sources, they improve the overall quality of the light it emits. As lamp arms also support the weight of any bulb or decoration that is attached to their outward facing end, they can also be used to distribute the weight of a fixture in a way that makes it more stable.

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Keeping in mind that lamp arms are used for a variety of both practical and aesthetic purposes, MyLampParts.com currently keep stock of a broad variety of lamp arm types. Among these are adjustable piano and brass swing fixture and end table arms, cast metal arms with floral decorations, cast brass arms that come in a wide variety of curvilinear forms, brass rope figurine arms, and other brass arms that come in ‘J’, ‘S’, Half Moon, and other shapes.

Because the customers we serve are involved in the remodeling of homes that were designed in accordance with differing architectural movements, we offer brass arms that are crafted for use with various styles. These include lamp arms that will fit in with the artistry of Victorian, Neo-Classical, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, and Prairie Style houses. Our line also includes cast metal, brass, and steel lamp arms that are more subdued in design, making them ideal for many modern living areas.

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