Aluminum Insert Lamp Parts are used to secure threaded nipples and to smooth holes in wood or plastic. They include Aluminum Wood Insert Lamp parts.


Aluminum inserts are metal fittings that are used to keep threaded nipples securely in place or to fill in the area within a hole or gap. They are of particular use in situations where a hole has been drilled into a lamp base, table, or assembly to allow for the introduction of wiring as the insert, once placed within such a hole and threaded with wiring, simultaneously anchors the wire in place and protects it from any jagged edges that have been created during the drilling of the hole. They also give any customized or restored lamp a cleaner, more professional look by preventing wires from coming loose and smoothing out the edges of any drilled surfaces.

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We currently offer an aluminum wood insert for 1/8” IP threads. Like brass, aluminum is extremely resistant to corrosion, making it an ideal material for any light fixture that will be exposed to the elements or that may have to be anchored in a location that is difficult to service. Contact MyLampParts.com - we can help you get all the parts you need today.

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