Aladdin lamps are the finest non-electric/gas lamps in the world. The parts for Aladdin Lamps are burner lamp parts, electric converter lamp parts and replacement mantle lamp parts.


Aladdin lamps burn gas vapor to produce light. An Aladdin burner, in particular, emits evaporated fuel around a ring at its top. This fuel, often kerosene, mixes with oxygen in the atmosphere and combusts when lit. A light and heat source is then formed at the top of this ring, the fuel supply to which can be controlled by a valve. This makes Aladdin burners ideal for both portable lighting and heating, as burners can be attached to the top of small fuel tanks. As such, they are often used for outdoor activities, however the warm light produced by an Aladdin burner also makes them ideal for custom built and antique lamps. In particular, they are well suited for a decorator who has purchased an antique gas lamp they intend to restore to functionality.

Aladdin Lamp Parts - Order Replacements Online

Other than steel brass plated Aladdin burners that fit A, B, or C Aladdin lamps, we also offer Aladdin electric converters and ‘Lox-On’ replacement mantles. Brass flame spreaders are available for those who desire a fuller look for the light emitted by their gas lamp.

Though Aladdin burners and accessories are generally used to repair or restore antique gas lamps, hobbyists and decorators can also use them to create custom gas lamps. Such efforts are made easy because all our burners and mantles have dimensions that conform to standardized lamp sizes. In addition, we also carry glass chimneys and brass fittings that can be used, with an Aladdin burner and lamp base/tank, to assemble a complete gas lamp.

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