Adapters are devices used to convert gas lamps, socket, outlets or parts of lamps to those of an otherwise incompatible device or system of lamp parts.



A lamp adapter is any part or device that is used to either convert a lamp from one type of power source to another or that enables parts from one or more lamps or machines to be used on a lamp for which they were not originally designed.

Adapters are essential for transforming antique gas or oil lamps into appliances that can run on electricity.

Adapters that physically connect parts that have been manufactured separately are also used when assembling an entirely new or otherwise homebuilt lamp. Both power source and physical adapters are therefore crucial to any hobbyist, artist, or decorator who intends to create an entirely unique piece or that desires to add an historical, yet functional, touch to their home or office.

Lamp Adapters

For those who wish to convert an antique oil or gas lamp for use in a modern home, MyLampParts.com offers socket, outlet, and grounding adapters. Combined, they create a complete electrical lighting system.

Hobbyists who are seeking to create their own lamps from parts they may have purchased or scavenged, however, may be interested in both our electrical adapters and the various brass fittings we offer. Such fittings are designed to facilitate the connection of parts from various sources.

Custom lamp builders may also be interested in our Make-A-Lamp Kits. Such kits, which are sized with reducible 1-3/4”, 2-1/4”, or 1-1/4” cork bases, come complete with a pre-assembled electrical lighting system, including sockets, power cords, and outlets. As such they can be fitted to the opening or top of any antique base, candelabra, or bottle the hobbyist desires to incorporate into their custom lamp. Because all the electrical work has already been done, our Make-A-Lamp Kits are an easy and safe way for anyone who is interested in crafts to build a beautiful, one of a kind lamp.


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