Bulb Adapter and Finial for Candelabra G-16 Bulb

SKU SL20602-F

These adapters enable shades to clip on to rounded, G-16 candelabra bulbs. Because they come complete with a 1/2” high finial that has a 1/4”-27 thread, they can be easily attached to most candelabras. With an overall height of 2-1/2”, they’re also perfect for most smaller candelabras and many chandeliers.

In addition to supporting shades that can grace a candelabra with an elegant look that would otherwise be ruined by exposed light bulbs, bulb adapters also provide an added layer of protection for what might otherwise be entirely exposed light bulbs. Because they can secure a variety of shades to a candelabra or other fixture while helping to guard the lights beneath those shades, bulb adapters are an essential part of many light fixture conversion projects.

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