Brass " Loop" Arm - Reeded Brass - Polished & Lacquered - 12" Ta

SKU SL20544

This polished and lacquered ‘Looped’ brass arm is designed to span relatively longer spaces. Because its open-ended curvature brings both ends into a nearly parallel orientation to each other, these arms can be used to turn light bulbs and sockets back toward a main box or body or, when combined with other arms, to create a lamp or fixture that’s noted for a complex overall shape that alternately turns inward and outward. Alone, these arms can also be used as simple stands on a variety of smaller lamps.

With a height of 12”, a width of 8”, and two 1/8" IP - 1/2" long threaded ends, this reeded lamp arm is easily adapted to a variety of uses and fixtures. Its polished and lacquered finish also makes it ideal for rooms and settings that are intended to look bright and new.

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