60 Second Make-A-Lamp Kit 1-3/4" cork dia.

SKU SL30331G

The 60 Second Make-A-Lamp Kit is a pre-assembled electrical lamp lighting system that comes complete with a U.L. approved electric light socket, power cord and plug, knobs, and cork adapters that can be used to transform any antique vase, bottle or amphora, lamp base or stand, and candlestick into a modern electrical lamp. As the name implies, because the entire kit, including all the electrical lighting equipment, is already assembled, a lamp builder only needs to insert the cork adapter into the opening atop the base of their lamp to create a fine lighting piece that can work in any room of the house.

Because its 1-3/4” diameter reducible cork adapter has a No. 1 size for 7/8” openings and a No. 2 size that can fit a 1-1/4” opening, this Make-A-Lamp kit is perfect for converting mid to small sized lamp bases, including antique as well as hand-crafted vessels, for use as modern lighting pieces. The speed with which such kits can be installed, in fact, gives any lamp builder the time and flexibility they need to focus on creating a piece that truly fits their artistic and decorative tastes.

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